Austria – Swiss sunk Lamborghini in Mondsee – police laughed at him

PublishedOctober 20, 2021, 1:43 pm

During a turning maneuver on Tuesday, a Swiss man mistook the gas and brake pedals in Austria and promptly landed in a nearby lake. The police are having fun on Twitter at his own expense.

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The Swiss Lamborghini driver actually only wanted to turn his Huracan around …

Twitter / Police Upper Austria

… but probably mixed up the accelerator and brake pedals and drove backwards into the lake.

C. Stoxreiter, AFK Mondsee

Fortunately, the 31-year-old was able to free himself from the vehicle after it sank to a depth of around five meters.

Fortunately, the 31-year-old was able to free himself from the vehicle after it sank to a depth of around five meters.

C. Stoxreiter, AFK Mondsee

  • On Tuesday, a Swiss man was out and about in Austria with his Lamborghini, which cost 220,000 francs.

  • During a turning maneuver, the driver mixed up the accelerator and brake pedals and ended up in the Mondsee.

  • The driver was able to save himself from the Lamborghini after it sank to about five meters below the water level.

On Tuesday evening, a Swiss man was driving his Lamborghini Huracan in Upper Austria from Mondsee towards Unterach am Attersee. The 31-year-old stopped in Innerschwand to turn around in a parking lot. He made a serious mistake: Instead of the brake pedal, the driver of the super sports car, which is available from a base price of CHF 220,000, hit the accelerator and drove backwards into the Mondsee.

The vehicle sank about 15 meters from the bank to a depth of about five meters. Fortunately, the driver was able to get out of the car on his own and swim to the shore. His co-driver, who got out before the turning maneuver, alerted the police and then gave first aid. The 31-year-old was driven to the hospital with injuries of an unspecified degree.

The police assume that the driver confused the accelerator and brake pedals. On Twitter, they speculate whether the Swiss wanted to apply as a successor to Bond with the action. The attempt to imitate the legendary Lotus Esprit with the Lamborghini backfired.

According to operations manager Bernhard Strobl, the recovery of the expensive sports car required a lot of tact. “But together with the five fire service divers, the mountain balloon and the crane of the tow truck, my team managed to carefully fish the vehicle out of the lake.” The time-consuming rescue with 31 people involved took over three hours, as Strobl told the Mondsee fire department.


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Austria Swiss sunk Lamborghini Mondsee police laughed

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