Augustus Intelligence founder: Wolfgang Haupt dies in a helicopter crash

Augustus Intelligence founder: Wolfgang Haupt dies in a helicopter crash
Augustus Intelligence founder: Wolfgang Haupt dies in a helicopter crash

Wolfgang Haupt, the co-founder of Augustus Intelligence, had a fatal accident in Baden-Württemberg. Two other people died in the crash of his helicopter: the head of a waste disposal company and his 18-year-old son.

The founder of the controversial startup Augustus Intelligence, Wolfgang Haupt, died in an accident. This is confirmed by several sources, ntv. The 34-year-old had triggered an affair with lobby contacts, including the CDU young politician Philipp Amthor. From the environment of Haupt it is said that he had an accident in a helicopter crash. Haupt’s friends have already expressed their grief on social media.

Augustus Intelligence filed for bankruptcy in a US court in Delaware in April 2021. In a statement, the company spoke of “threateningly low” cash levels. Augustus Intelligence became known in Germany in June 2020 through the lobbying affair of the CDU member Amthor, who had advertised the AI ​​startup at the Federal Ministry of Economics and received a director post there. After his work became known, Amthor resigned from his position at the startup.

Wolfgang Haupt was a co-founder of Augustus Intelligence. The startup’s field of activity has always been difficult to define. According to its own information, the company dealt with artificial intelligence in the field of face recognition. As part of the Amthor affair, the company described itself in a statement as a B2B tech company that was developing “end-to-end, vertically integrated solutions for artificial intelligence (AI)”. “They encompass products, services and infrastructure that support companies on their way to applying AI.” The main focus is on the techniques “Computer Vision” and “Natural Language Processing (NLP)”.

Little information about Augustus Intelligence

The headquarters of the company was said to be in New York. More precisely in the One World Trade Center, with further offices in Menlo Park, Paris and Munich. Around 80 employees are said to be employed at the startup and it is “100 percent financed by private investors, has no public debts and of course fulfills all applicable regulations and tax regulations”.

At the time of the Amthor revelations, the company was in so-called stealth mode, “a common practice in venture capital for early-stage start-ups – especially in the US,” it said at the time. In this way, a startup protects its ideas, its team and its organizational structure “against larger, usually more resource-rich competition”. That was the reason why employees of Augustus Intelligence did not publish their employer on LinkedIn or similar platforms at this point, offices were not actively advertised and “up to now comparatively little information can be found online”. It is unclear whether the company headquarters, activities, products and number of employees really ever existed.

According to his own statements, Wolfgang Haupt had studied medicine at the private University of Witten-Herdecke and at Harvard. On his profile on the social network Linkedin, he stated that he had founded several companies before Augustus Intelligence. Among them, for example, “”, which, according to the website, has installed water filter systems in Syria, Jordan, West Africa and Panama.

He also stated that he was the co-founder of a “customizable, direct-to-consumer suitcase company”. In February 2020, Haupt was a guest at “Choose France”, an investor conference in Versailles. In a statement in front of the camera, he said in a haunting voice: “Artificial intelligence is changing the world. Those who control it will be at the top.” He also announced that he would invest 50 million euros in France and create 50 new jobs.

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