Edtstadler wants to protect private chats

In view of the latest chat publications, the constitution minister reiterated her call for a kind of “letter secret” for private cell phone communication.

Constitutional Minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) has, in view of the latest chat publications, reiterated her demand for a regulation for private cell phone communication comparable to the “confidentiality of letters”. Private chats have “no place in public”. The legal situation should be adjusted, she said Tuesday in the ORF “Report”.

The picture that was drawn with the recently published chats was “actually a devastating one – and that is not true,” noted Edtstadler. It is important to consider how these chats got to the public. With the publication of cell phone evaluations, people were repeatedly pilloried before it was even decided whether there would be criminal proceedings.

Edtstadler sees a need for negotiation to extend the leniency program – which will expire at the end of the year. They “think that there will be a solution”, but “whether and how this will be continued is left to the negotiations”.

When asked about the sometimes very sharp ÖVP criticism of the economic and corruption prosecutor’s office, the minister was relatively cautious. She only said that she “shares the view that there is a lot at the moment that is not conducive to the reputation of the judiciary”. That is why she is in favor of letting the judiciary investigate in peace – and the judiciary must do everything possible to ensure that the investigation is carried out quickly in order to clear up the serious allegations quickly.

Edtstadler “as a former judge” did not want to “presume” to assess whether the accusations of the WKStA against ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz are wrong – as Neo-Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced.


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