Fabien Galthié explains his choices for the November tour of the fifteenth of France

Fabien Galthié explains his choices for the November tour of the fifteenth of France
Fabien Galthié explains his choices for the November tour of the fifteenth of France

“Thibaud Flament and Florian Verhaeghe are really new, we never saw them in the weeks of preparation (unlike Florent Vanverberghe). First, they perform in club, they have a profile that interests us, especially in touch. We want to see them with us, train with us, see how they respond to our way of preparing. This is a first step for them: to respond present in this context of formatting to face Argentina (November 6) and after we will see

Thibaud Flament? He started with the Wasps (in England, in 2019), Pierre-Henry Broncan (now coach of Castres) worked in Bath and reported it to us. We have been following him ever since. He quickly adapted to the Toulouse environment (which he joined in 2020), he responds present. He is a developing player, who seems to have potential. We’re pretty confident in our formatting method to see if it can fit in with us. The two weeks of preparation will tell us. “

Antoine Hastoy preferred to Louis Carbonel

“The absent are always part of the adventure. This afternoon (Monday afternoon), we called the selected players but also the unselected. We explained our choices to them. Louis (Carbonel) has been with us from the start, but Antoine Hastoy’s performances allow him to challenge him, to move ahead in the hierarchy. “

Antoine Hastoy, the Pau opener. (N. Luttiau / The Team)

Macalou called, not Tolofua in number 8

“These are not the same profiles, we explained with Selevasio (Tolofua). He is on standby, he is ready, we remember that there is one Championship day left (this weekend before the start of the rally). Macalou can play at all positions on the third row, but also on the wing for example to help out. And in some projections, it’s something that may interest us. “

Tani Vili called to the center

“There are a few forfeits in the center, Arthur Vincent obviously (rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee) but also Pierre-Louis (Barassi) who is injured (ankle) and has not resumed with his team. And we want 42 players who are 100% ready to train. Tani (Vili) was with us in Australia, we discovered this player there in our group, with real skills. We had seen it here (in Marcoussis) while working with the under-20s two years ago. “

The Clermont-Ferrand Center Tani Vili. (S. Mantey / The Team)

The Clermont-Ferrand Center Tani Vili. (S. Mantey / The Team)

The choice to call four backs (Dulin, Jaminet, Ramos and Buros)

“We made the choice of versatility. Thomas Ramos can butt and play 10, he did it in the final with Toulouse last year, and he did it well. Romain Buros can play on the wing. Anthony Bouthier (absent from the list)? He’s still in the project, I imagine it’s hard for him, but we explained it to him. He must continue to believe in himself, in his qualities and that anything was possible. “

Mauvaka rather than Bourgarit as hooker?

“It’s a choice linked to our method. It has evolved in our composition of the group. We first think about the end of the match, what our team would look like in the final minutes, where we conceded five of our six losses. We have to look for anything we can improve in this area. So we started at the end to have a strong team, especially on an emotional level, to finish the matches. We need an experienced and strong team of finishers. As a hooker, Peato (Mauvaka) has considerable experience, he’s been there since the World Cup in Japan. He has qualities that seem important to us to match in the last minutes, he has a very good throw (in touch), he is powerful, explosive, solid in scrum. It meets that expectation. “


Fabien Galthié explains choices November tour fifteenth France

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