Brigitte Macron does the dictation for a good cause

Brigitte Macron does the dictation for a good cause
Brigitte Macron does the dictation for a good cause

Brigitte Macron was Monday morning in a college in Val-de-Marne, accompanied by Jean-Michel Blanquer, to read the dictation of the ELA association. She had participated in previous editions in 2017, 2019 and 2020.

It is now a tradition in which the First Lady participates every year. Monday, Brigitte Macron went to a college in Val-de-Marne to read the dictation of ELA (European Association against leukodystrophy). The health crisis did not prevent the holding of this exercise, which took place in class, masked.

For each edition of the dictation, a renowned author writes a text, dedicated to the fight against disease. This year, it is Hervé Le Tellier, Goncourt Prize 2020 for “The anomaly”, who took his pen. He succeeds Karine Tuil, winner of the Goncourt high school student prize, in the spotlight for the 2020 dictation.

Other establishments in France have also dictated

The First Lady and the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer read the text baptized “Gymnastics of words” to students of the college Amédée Dunois in Boissy-Saint-Léger. “You, I do not know, but me, I have always had difficulty with catching, the spelling of the word.”, Begins the dictation, as reported “Le Figaro”. “Are there any words standing up against us? Let’s turn this battle into a game, never fear defeat. ”

The purpose of ELA’s dictation is to make students aware of the disease from a united cause: the fight against leukodystrophies ”(extremely serious genetic diseases which destroy the myelin (sheath of the nerves) of the central nervous system and which affect 3 to 6 children per week in France. This event launches the campaign of the association called “Put on your sneakers and beat the disease”, of which this year is the 18th edition. It allows each year to organize actions and collect funds to finance medical research as well as support for families affected by this disease.

Students from primary to secondary school have also worked on the same text in 2,500 schools throughout France.

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