Top 15 tweets of the week # 331

A Monday without top tweets of the week, it’s a bit like a raclette without cheese, it’s just not possible! So we meet for the 331st edition of our top tweets of the week. Like every Monday, our community manager took care of the social networks in order to select the tweets that marked the past week. This 331st selection concerns the week of October 11 to 18, 2021.

# 1 Damn concealer

I’m thinking about it

# 2 The hard student life


# 3 It’s almost the end …

This morning I discovered that my domestic feline no longer feared water … my only weapon of deterrence is now obsolete.

The cat has passed a critical phase of its evolution, nothing can now prevent it from dominating the world.

# 4 Connemaraaaaaaa


# 5 it’s not wrong

Stop with the contests where you have to tag two friends in comment please, I wish I could participate in scrèd without being posted because I try to scratch stuff.

# 6 that unbearable feeling

after failing the captcha fifty-two times, Véronique is about to tell her family that she is a robot.

# 7 That’s it …

In fact you work to pay for gasoline to go to work

# 8 If you are looking for a new haircut for Halloween

it’s barbed wire

# 9 Shortcuts

I told my mother that I had a stomach ache, she told me it was because of the phone

# 10 It’s done

ok the screens and the internet make children stupid. What is your excuse, who grew up without it?

# 11 The right idea and the best answer

Are you aware that I have internet here?

We are very well aware

# 12 Tema the size of the rat

What’s the worst rat behavior you’ve ever witnessed? Once a guy asked me to host him for one night, in the evening he shows up with sushi I tell him “cool you brought back some food” he replied “no it’s just for me”

# 13 You too?

My daron, he likes to close the door too much in case there are burglars while the heritage of the house c my gucci cap

# 14 Lucius you unmasked!

There’s a move he’s dressed like a cowboy on the bus he’s been staring at me for a while now I know he’s a plainclothes controller because there’s no reason to put on a black jean leather jacket and POINT shoes to go out unless you’re a Death Eater

#15 Squid Game feat Marc Lavoine

So much for this new top tweets. We will meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 330th selection of last week, right here.

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