First in the pillory, then only in court

There is brilliant literature with which Martin Kušej could sensitize the audience beyond the current occasion. Reading out the chats is not one of them.

Almost as disgusting as the power-hungry hubris of some is the displayed moral complacency of others, which has reached its temporary climax with the reading of the chat logs on the stage of the Burgtheater. Even in the Middle Ages, people suspected of a crime were not pilloried, but people who had already been condemned by a judge. In the 21st century it apparently works the other way around: First the (social media) stake, then the court hearing. In order not to be misunderstood: Of course, the WKStA must be able to investigate unhindered and bring criminal matters to court. Not only compliance with the law to the letter is imperative for politicians, but also an ethical awareness. But it is strange that now suspected legal violations are punished with legal violations such as the leaking of confiscated chats and text messages.

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