Municipal police in Paris: Anne Hidalgo expected at the turn by her allies

The moment will undoubtedly be solemn and will almost be akin to a military “review of the troops”. This Monday afternoon, the mayor (PS) of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, will preside on the forecourt of the Town Hall an official ceremony to present the first promotion of the municipal police.

The time now seems long gone when the PS candidate for the presidential election declared herself very opposed to the idea of ​​such a service, taking as an example the other capitals of the world which did not have one, and stressing that she “Would be very expensive”. The terrorist attacks of 2015, the redeployment of the national police forces on questions of terrorism, the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking convinced the elected representative to change tack.

A little over two years after announcing the creation of this new security force, and after a few political pitfalls sown by the Macronist camp to curb this project, Anne Hidalgo will finally be able to present her “daily police”.

“Paris especially needs national police officers”

But all is not yet won on this project. The Parisian right continues to regret that the mayor of Paris did not wish to equip the agents who will patrol the streets with lethal weapons. As for Anne Hidalgo’s left allies, who had all voted against the municipal police, their reservations are numerous.

“We have always said that we were opposed to this project because we believe that Paris above all needs national police officers. We are waiting to have in hand the agreement between the police headquarters and the town hall to see if the national police forces will be at least as important as before. Otherwise, the risk is that Paris will have less security on the public highway, ”insists Nicolas Bonnet Oulaldj, boss of the Communist group on the Council of Paris.

“All the training of agents promised on all questions of street harassment, violence against women … for the moment, we are waiting for them”, underlines for her part Fatoumata Koné, president of the Ecologist Group of Paris. “The delimitation of competences and fields of action between municipal and national police must be very clear. We fear that there is confusion, ”adds Nathalie Maquoi, president of the Génération.s group.

An ethics committee of 11 people

To satisfy her left-wing majority, Anne Hidalgo is committed to setting up an ethics committee of the municipal police intended to “ensure that all officers of the management comply with the ethical rules that frame their missions, and thus guarantee the confidence of the population ”.

It will be composed of 11 members from outside the City, appointed by the mayor of Paris: a president, five qualified personalities, specialists in law or relations between the police and the population or representatives of associations operating in Paris, and five natural persons. representing the Parisian population including two proposed by the Parisian youth committee and three proposed by the citizens’ assembly of Paris.

Another major concern raised by the plural majority of Anne Hidalgo: the workforce. “We are very far from those announced by the mayor. We will have to wait four to five years before reaching 2,000 police officers, ”underlines Nicolas Bonnet Oulaldj. “This municipal police force is going to be expensive and we know the city’s financial situation! For it to be effective, it must be there and for the moment, we have some fears about the workforce, ”adds the boss of environmentalists.


Municipal police Paris Anne Hidalgo expected turn allies

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