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After its Constitutional Court denied the superiority of Community law, Warsaw is trying to put out the fire. At stake: its access to European resources, and more broadly its very membership of the Union.

The shock wave caused by the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court of October 7 affirming the preeminence of national law over European law is such that the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, decided to come and explain himself to the European Parliament on Tuesday. , meeting in plenary session in Strasbourg. Faced with strong internal opposition following this judgment rendered by judges at the behest of the ultraconservative party in power, Law and Justice (PiS), and under the threat, agitated in particular by the European Parliament, of no longer having access to funding Europeans, a prelude to a de facto “Polexit”, he will try to put out the fire that he himself has started. This is all the more urgent as the European summit of 27 heads of state and government on Thursday and Friday put the Polish subject on the agenda.

“It is up to the Polish government to take a political initiative. The Union can do nothing to get them out of the trap in which they have put themselves alone by closing all the doors one after the other, explains a high-level European diplomat. Thus, the Constitutional Court could have rendered a decision that did not directly conflict with the principle of the superiority of European law or at least waited for the Commission to approve the “recovery plan” …


Poland seeks escape trap Polexit Liberation

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