good weather except in the Northwest

The day will be beautiful, except in the northwest of the country. A southerly wind will bring softness to the other regions.

The weather will be fine in France on Monday October 18, except in the north-western part of the country where rains are expected. According to the Weather Channel *, a southerly wind will bring mildness in the afternoon. The high pressure will still be felt, although disturbances will infiltrate this high pressure field, causing rains.

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The weather in your area

On Brittany then on the Pays de la Loire and the Lower Normandy, the sky will be covered with a few showers. The southerly wind will strengthen to reach 50 km / hour in the evening on the north of the Breton coast. Temperatures will range from 8 to 13 ° C in the morning and 15 to 17 ° C in the afternoon.

On Upper Normandy, in the Hauts-de-France and in the Parisian basin, as well as in Loire Valley Center and the New Aquitaine, the sky will darken more and more as the day goes on. Temperatures will be 5 ° C in the morning in Hauts-de-France against 12 ° C in the Basque Country. In the afternoon, the maximum will show late summer temperatures of 18 ° C in Lille and 23 to 25 ° C south of the Garonne.

On Languedoc-Roussillon, low clouds are expected especially near the coast. Temperatures will range from 10 ° C in the morning to 21 ° C in the afternoon.

On all other regions, after the dissipation of some fogs in the Saône Valley and the Alsace plain, the day will be beautiful. Temperatures will remain cool, from 2 to 9 ° C in the morning on average, with possible frosts in Lorraine and in the valleys of Auvergne, Jura, Vosges and Alps. In the afternoon, highs will peak between 15 ° C in Strasbourg and 21 ° C near the Mediterranean.

* La Chaîne Météo is a company of the Figaro group.


good weather Northwest

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