the biker at the origin of the imprisoned death

the biker at the origin of the imprisoned death
the biker at the origin of the imprisoned death

An 81-year-old woman died in Clermont-Ferrand after being struck Thursday evening in the vicinity by the driver of a motocross wheeling “wheel”. The driver was indicted and imprisoned this Sunday.

The driver of the motorcycle who had hit an octogenarian and caused her death Thursday evening in Clermont-Ferrand during an urban rodeo was indicted and imprisoned this Sunday, Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned from the prosecution. from the city.

In custody since Friday afternoon after surrendering to the police, the defendant, aged 19, was presented to the prosecution at the end of the morning for “aggravated manslaughter and participation in a motorized rodeo”, he told AFP, confirming information from the regional daily The mountain.

A second young person indicted

Aged in his twenties, a second young man, who had accompanied the accused on a motorbike during the events and who had also presented himself to the police station a few hours after the latter, was indicted for “non- assistance to person in danger and participation in a motorized rodeo “before being placed under judicial control, according to the same source.

Thursday, the facts occurred around 7:30 p.m. in the Croix de Neyrat district, a large complex in the north of the city. A CCTV camera was able to film the scene. Two motorcycles were circulating on an avenue, one of which was wheeling: the pilot drove only on the rear wheel, a practice popular with followers of urban rodeos.

The driver had fled

Aged 81, the victim was struck while crossing the road on a protected passage, the light then being red for pedestrians, according to a police source. Taken to hospital, the old lady died there around 10 p.m. The driver had fled and the motorcycle was found burnt.

“The phenomenon of urban rodeos is not new. It affects the whole of our country and rightly arouses the exasperation of the inhabitants. Today, it strikes in a tragic way our city”, had reacted on Twitter the mayor by Clermont-Ferrand Olivier Bianchi (PS).


biker origin imprisoned death

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