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Apple rumors: Apple Watch Series 8: The rumor mill is already simmering | news

Apple rumors: Apple Watch Series 8: The rumor mill is already simmering | news
Apple rumors: Apple Watch Series 8: The rumor mill is already simmering | news

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?? Apple is reportedly planning a third, larger model of the Apple Watch

?? Apple is working on some new health features

?? Apple Watch Series 8 release date is unknown

New size of the Apple Watch 8

In a tweet, insider and analyst Ross Young made a statement about the Apple Watch Series 8. “Would you like to see a bigger display on the Apple Watch Series 8 in 2022? Don’t be surprised if there will be 3 sizes next year. .. “it says in the tweet and a comment about it. If Apple adheres to the scheme of previous sizes, the Apple Watch Series 8 could appear in sizes 41, 45 and possibly 49 millimeters, as Giga explains. As large and oversized watches become increasingly popular, a larger model of the smartwatch could make Apple more interesting for some customers, Giga continued.

New health functions

As the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, Apple should also work on new health functions for the next Apple Watch. This information is believed to have come from people close to Apple and from corporate documents. The plan should be to provide a function with the next Apple Watch that can measure body temperature and thus help with fertility planning. In addition, improvements are to be made to the monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias and sleep behavior. The smartwatch should be able to recognize sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. In addition, work is being done to ensure that future Apple Watches can also provide medical information, such as the oxygen content in the blood or the blood sugar level.
However, it often takes years before such health functions are adequately tested. An Apple spokeswoman said in a statement that the company wants to change the field of health with the Apple Watch. “A challenge for Apple [] is that the wrist is a bad place to measure vital signs like blood sugar levels. Innovations in health and science can only develop slowly. It often takes years to prove that health functions are safe and effective. ”

When will it be on the market?

So far, there is no precise information about a market launch. However, Apple introduces its new smartwatches on a regular basis. The new Apple devices are presented in the fall and sales usually start a few weeks later. Smartwatch fans can look forward to the introduction of the new Apple Watch in autumn 2022.

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Apple rumors Apple Watch Series rumor mill simmering news

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