ÖVP falls in polls in the direction of the SPÖ

ÖVP falls in polls in the direction of the SPÖ
ÖVP falls in polls in the direction of the SPÖ

Last update on Saturday, October 16, 2021, 6:38 pm

Two polls published on Saturday show that the ÖVP’s popularity fell after the outbreak of the advertising affair. Both with OGM for the “Kurier” (Sunday) and with Unique Research for the “profile”, the People’s Party is only a wafer-thin ahead of the SPÖ. The Greens, on the other hand, are not suffering from the government crisis.

At OGM, 26 percent are evaluated for the ÖVP, and 24 for the Social Democrats. Not far behind is the again strengthened FPÖ with 21 percent. The Greens are on par with the NEOS at twelve percent.

Things look pretty similar at Unique Research, even if you asked twice here, once the ÖVP with Alexander Schallenberg and once with Sebastian Kurz. The difference is not great. With the Chancellor you would be at 25 percent, with the former Chancellor at 26. The Social Democrats would be tied for a Schallenberg candidacy, in the other case slightly behind with 24 percent. The FPÖ commutes between 18 and 19. The Greens would be as strong as they have been with 14 percent for a long time, regardless of who leads the ÖVP. The NEOS are between eleven and twelve percent.

The clear majority of Austrians also believe that there is something to the allegations made by the public prosecutor’s office against former Chancellor Kurz. In the survey by Unique Research for the “profile”, 67 percent say they are in this direction. Only 23 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with the allegations. At OGM, 71 percent are very or more of the opinion that Kurz’s resignation is justified.

The Austrians would have thought nothing of the proposed four-party alliance against the ÖVP. Only eleven percent named this government constellation, which would have ranged from the Greens to the Freedom Party, as their favorite at OGM. That is significantly less than would have preferred new elections (32 percent). A continuation of the coalition, which 47 percent named as their preferred variant, is preferred.

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ÖVP falls polls direction SPÖ

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