Automotive. 2021 French Rally Cup final: Four Normans in the top 20!

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Published on 16 Oct 21 at 19:51

The Pays d’Auge

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Stéphane Pustelnik, 11e. (© Le Pays d’Auge archives)

This time, the final of the 2021 French Rally Cup, which took place in Châteauroux, is well over. Stéphane Lefebvre, big favorite, won ahead of Kévin Bochatay and Maxime Dupuy.

They gave up …

Michel Bourgeois (mechanical problem in section 5), Romain Brion (before special 4), Thomas Fisk (mechanical problem in section 5), Anthony Langlois (minor road accident in section 5), Julien Jolly in special number 2, were all forced to retire … as was Arthur Dufay in the last special.

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Stéphane Pustelnik 11th, Alexis Flambard 18th

He was aiming for a place in the top 15, there it is. Stéphane Pustelnik has kept his rank. He kept pace throughout a particularly close final. He finished three minutes from the winner, but only one minute behind the first Norman: Marc Amourette, 6th. Alexis Flambard, for his part, confirmed his first part of the final by obtaining a nice 18th place. He also confirms that he will have to be reckoned with in the years to come.

The complete ranking

Marc Amourette 6th, Stéphane Pustelnik 11th, Alexis Flambard 18th… and Sébastien Alémany 19th four Norman drivers in the top 20 of the Coupe de France final. The harvest was good… and all the more so as four other Norman drivers finished from 20th to 50th place: Steve Rousseau 28th, Sylvain Seray 36th, Ludovic Surin 40th, Florian Fagnen 50th. Gil Delamare took 65th place. Kévin Coignard finished 78th, Christophe Pierre 91st and William Laleman 93rd. 130 crews were classified.

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