The COP26 will not bring “no big changes”, deplores Greta Thunberg

COP26 and all the international meetings “have the potential to make a difference because they bring together so many people. We must therefore make sure that we seize this opportunity, “added the young activist, dressed in a black fleece:” We will have to continue to push! “.

Towards a “catastrophic” warming of + 2.7 ° C

During the conference in Glasgow, Scotland, states around the world will have from October 31 to November 12 to negotiate and commit more concretely to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“My hope, of course, is that we suddenly realize that we are facing an existential crisis and act accordingly,” continued Greta Thunberg. For her, it is now necessary “to change focus and no longer seek to create niches in the programs, but rather to save the planet, the present and the living conditions of future generations”.

According to the latest UN assessment published in mid-September, the world is heading towards a “catastrophic” warming of + 2.7 ° C by the end of the century, while each additional fraction of a degree multiplies the dramatic consequences.


COP26 bring big deplores Greta Thunberg

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