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Status: 16.10.2021 12:49 p.m.

The flames from the vacuum also spread to the car and even the house. (Subject image)

While vacuuming a car on Friday, a cordless vacuum cleaner exploded in the hand of its user. As the police announced, the device apparently had a technical defect. The inflamed vacuum cleaner first set the car on fire and then spread to the carport, under which firewood was stored. The adjacent house was also damaged by the fire. Several local fire brigades were able to extinguish the fire. The vacuum cleaner owner, who was slightly injured by the explosion, had to go to the hospital. The police could not say anything about the amount of damage, but the carport and the car are no longer usable, said a spokeswoman for NDR Lower Saxony. The house is still habitable.

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View of the Lappan, the landmark of the city of Oldenburg. © NDR Photo: Julius Matuschik

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