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The chaos at BER. Passengers also had to wait a long time on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, 5.30 a.m .: Passengers queue for a long time at the security checkpoint. The actually short line for families alone takes an hour and a half. At least: everything seems to be going well.

However, the check-in machines are also out of order on Saturday. Although on Friday it was still said that they should work again on Saturday …

As on Friday evening, the check-in machines are out of order one day later (Photo: Miriam Krekel)

Some vacationers lie on benches to bridge the waiting time. There were peak times when there were queues in front of the check-in, said an airport spokesman on Saturday.

However, operations are largely normal. Around 52,000 passengers were expected on Saturday, the day before it was 70,000.

Some travelers lay down on benches to sleep (Photo: Miriam Krekel)
Some travelers lay down on benches to sleep (Photo: Miriam Krekel)

In general, the handling times were also delayed by the pandemic conditions, it said. This applies in Berlin as at all other airports.

On Friday, too, operations at the breakdown airport ran smoothly. “It’s a normal travel day during the autumn holidays with a lot of traffic in the terminal,” said an airport spokesman. Until then, however, there were no longer waiting times that would have had a negative impact on the handling operations.

40 additional workers in action

The airport operator has 40 additional workers on duty to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Half of them are out and about in the terminal to support travelers with the check-in process. The other half help out when loading the luggage.

According to the airport spokesman, those who follow the recommendation to be at the airport about two hours before departure are unlikely to have any problems even on busy days. Around 70,000 passengers were expected on Friday.

Chaos last weekend

Last weekend, the overburdened BER annoyed and frustrated passengers. They sometimes had to wait more than two hours for check-in or even missed their machines. According to the airport, around 67,000 traveled last Friday, 55,000 on Saturday and 66,000 on Sunday via the new airport in the capital region.

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On Monday, those involved looked to each other to blame for the chaos. Lufthansa spoke of a lack of handling capacity in the terminal, the airport company blamed the problems on staff shortages at the counters. Berlin and Brandenburg demanded that the problems be dealt with.

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