Grievances in the company? Apple fires leader of the “#AppleToo” movement

Grievances in the company? Apple fires leader of the “#AppleToo” movement
Grievances in the company? Apple fires leader of the “#AppleToo” movement

It’s not the first layoff scandal at Apple: The company is said to have fired an employee after she pointed out grievances. She belongs to the “ AppleToo” movement.

An Apple employee who urged other employees to publicly share incidents of discrimination and harassment in the company has been fired. Janneke Parrish said the company quit her because she deleted data from her work equipment while an internal investigation was ongoing. The internal investigation related to the dissemination of information from a works meeting to the media. Parrish denied this allegation to Reuters. Parrish said she believed she was fired for her work activism.

“For me, this is clearly a reprisal for publicly speaking out about abuse at my employer, as well as equal pay and our working conditions in general,” she said. Apple said the company does not comment on the issues of specific employees.

Parrish is the leader of AppleToo

Parrish is believed to be one of the leaders of AppleToo, an employee movement organized in response to alleged patterns of discrimination, racism and sexism within the company. The name is obviously a reference to the MeToo debate that was sparked in the wake of the abuse scandal surrounding film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Some Apple employees should see Parrish’s dismissal as a consequence of their activism, reported the American technology portal “The Verge”. “I was very loud, I was very public. I was not afraid to associate my name and my face with AppleToo,” Parrish told the British Guardian. The former employee wrote on Twitter: “There are consequences if you speak your mind. There are consequences if you do the right thing. (…) AppleToo is about asking Apple to do better, systemic discrimination To end abuse and unequal pay. ”

Parrish’s resignation came a few days after Ashley Gjovik, a former Apple employee who was fired last month for allegedly disclosing information, filed a complaint against the company with the National Labor Authority (NLRB), according to the Guardian. Gjovik, who reported on allegations of harassment while working at Apple, alleged that the company’s employee rules and CEO Tim Cook’s promises to take action against informers were against US law.

“Speaking up is seen as fundamentally disloyal”

In September, according to the report, Parrish said the company told her it was being investigated for leaking information to the media. Parrish had campaigned for Apple employees for months but did not share any information, she said.

As part of the investigation, Apple confiscated their devices. The company is encouraging employees to use work tools rather than personal ones, Parrish said. Before handing over the devices, she deleted files that contained personal information, such as bank details. According to the Guardian, Parrish did not expect to be fired – but she apparently assumed that her work for AppleToo would have a negative impact on her career.

“We have a culture of secrecy and loyalty to the company. Speaking up is viewed as fundamentally disloyal,” she said in the report. “I knew from the moment I spoke up that my career at Apple would more or less be over.”

According to the movement, more than 500 complaints

In August, a group of employees, including Parrish, started the AppleToo campaign to collect and share the experiences of current and former employees with injustice, intimidation and abuse, the Guardin reported. The initiative was launched after employees tried to discuss their complaints internally with management, according to the organizers.

AppleToo claims it has collected reports from more than 500 workers who say they have been discriminated against and sexually harassed at work – allegations they reported to management but which were not addressed.

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