Couple held up at the airport because their luggage was too heavy – and discovered a “stowaway”

Updated: 16.10.202110:35

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At the Texas airport, a couple learned that their luggage was overweight. When they wanted to repack the suitcase, a “stowaway” came out.

On a trip to Las Vegas, surprises are always to be expected, but for Kristi and Jared Owens the adventure already started at the airport in Texas. Just as the couple was about to check in their luggage at the airport, an employee of Southwest Airlines made them aware that they were almost 3 kilos overweight. When the two wanted to rearrange their utensils, they finally made a surprising discovery.

“Stowaway” causes obesity

“You know it’s going to be an epic trip to Vegas when you check-in at the airport – 6 pounds overweight – and suddenly a chihuahua jumps out of your boot! ”Reported Jared Owens later on Facebook. The dog was her pet Icky – apparently the Chihuahua had made himself comfortable in one of Jared’s cowboy boots before packing. “She made no sound, not a single sound. We had no idea and as soon as we opened the suitcase, she crawled out, ”Krisit reported to the online portal Insider. “It was like we woke her up and her reaction was, ‘What are you all doing here?'” Jared added. Since then, numerous English-language media have reported such as The Washington Post, The Independent and People from the incident.

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Surprise at the airport: How did Icky get into the suitcase?

According to the couple, Jared is someone who only packs his suitcase at the last minute. That’s why nobody noticed earlier that Icky had disappeared, although Kristi’s mother was supposed to take care of her. “My first thought was that the staff might think we wanted to smuggle a dog in,” Jared reported loudly Insider. Instead, Southwest Airlines employee Cathy Cook offered them to look after their dog while they flew to Vegas.

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In her Facebook post, Jared thanks the employee for the “brilliant customer service”. In the end, however, Icky was picked up by a relative and taken to Kristi’s mother. “She was safely home about half an hour later,” reported Kristi. The couple was finally able to take their flight to Las Vegas. (fk)


Couple held airport luggage heavy discovered stowaway

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