a 5th member of the group of migrants mowed down by a train in Ciboure found

A fifth Algerian migrant present at the time of the train accident which killed three of them and seriously injured a fourth, Tuesday in Ciboure (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), was found Thursday in Bayonne and heard, said the Bayonne prosecutor on Friday. The 28-year-old Algerian migrant, found in a city street by a BAC patrol, confirmed to the police that the small group of exiles, first made up of four people and then five, had since marched. Spain, explained Jérôme Bourrier.

The group used the railway tracks in order to escape possible police checks. During the night, the five Algerians lay down on the railroad tracks to rest. The man found on Thursday said he woke up a little before the others and stepped aside when the TER passed at 5 a.m., shortly before entering Ciboure station from Hendaye, on the Franco-Spanish border. He fled after witnessing the scene.

The papers of the 5th present found from the day of the accident

Tuesday, the day of the accident, the Bayonne prosecutor explained that papers relating to five identities had been found at the scene of the tragedy. “A certain number of administrative documents were found on the spot” among which “it is necessary to identify 5 people even though to date there are only 4 victims”, he said, referring to the possibility that someone from the migrant group escaped the accident.

The prosecutor had thus spoken of “administrative documents concerning an individual convicted by the Bayonne Criminal Court for acts of break-in, imprisoned at the Mont-de-Marsan penitentiary center then released and escorted back to the border the same day (from l ‘accident) ”, adding that these papers did not correspond“ necessarily with one of the victims ”. “Which can mean that this person was present at the time of the accident and escaped,” he added.


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