Burger King in L214’s viewfinder

On Saturday, two joint operations are underway in front of the Burger King restaurants in Bordeaux Sainte Catherine and Bayonne. The activists intend to denounce the breeding and slaughtering practices of the international fast food giant.

The association for the defense of animals, L214 wants to denounce the brand on its chicken farming practices.

The activists, dressed as Burger King crewmembers, intend to raise awareness among passers-by and customers and encourage them to sign the petition calling on the fast food giant to take action against the worst practices of raising and slaughtering chickens and to guarantee a share of the outdoors in its supplies.

This event takes place in around thirty cities in France, including Bayonne.

L214 asks Burger King to commit to the European Chicken Commitment

These are criteria established by around thirty European associations aimed at reducing the suffering of chickens used in food production:

– a decrease in the number of animals per square meter,

– the ban on ultra-fast growing strains of chickens causing severe health problems for these animals,

– access to natural light,

– an enrichment of the environment of the chickens, to meet their behavioral needs as a minimum,

– a method of slaughtering without snagging the birds by the legs, upside down, while they are still conscious.

While in France, KFC and Subway have already committed to meeting the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment, Burger King continues to source from the worst intensive chicken farms. This lack of commitment from such a successful and influential group is unjustifiable.

Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214

Around a hundred restaurant chains have already made this commitment in France, including Burger King competitors such as KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza and PAUL bakeries.

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Burger King L214s viewfinder

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