“We are waiting for a response from justice, very strong, in the face of the attacks”, say the firefighters of Marseille before the arrival of Emmanuel Macron

As part of his presidential visit to Marseille, Emmanuel Macron is due to attend the end of the 127th National Congress of Firefighters, which began on Wednesday. Firefighters have increasingly difficult working conditions, with a 200% increase in attacks and incivility targeting firefighters in ten years, according to figures from the 2018 Ministry of the Interior. The problem affects the whole country, but particularly the Bouches-du-Rhône, with several so-called “sensitive” districts.

Many firefighters now have in mind that the slightest intervention can degenerate. “It can be verbal attacks, insults, light physical attacks such as spitting, throwing stones, lists Olivier Venel, professional firefighter of the CGT of Bouches-du-Rhône. And we can go as far as gunshots, violence that can endanger the lives of the workers. “

At the end of August in the north of the Bouches-du-Rhône, a man fired a gun at emergency vehicles, when he had just called them, threatening to kill himself.

Laurent Guilloteau, firefighter near Marseille, has an explanation for the increase in these attacks. “Today, we find ourselves doing missions that are no longer our sovereign missions, he analyzes. We find ourselves managing drunkenness on the public highway, home interventions that are not our responsibility.”

“We act out of want, on domestic violence for example, where we should not intervene and where the police should be there before us.”

Laurent Guilloteau, firefighter near Marseille

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From the arrival of Emmanuel Macron, these two firefighters do not expect much. It would take something concrete, like “a very strong response from justice in the face of attacks and incivility that we can suffer”, considers Laurent Guilloteau. To limit the attacks, they also need more social services, law enforcement and firefighters.

Words of firefighters, collected in Marseille by Cyrille Ardaud

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