SBB is upgrading trains especially for football fans

SBB is upgrading trains especially for football fans
SBB is upgrading trains especially for football fans

Howling fans, beer that flows in abundance, and of course chants: when football fans travel to away games, SBB usually uses special trains.

So far, old rolling stock has been used for this purpose, but as the newspapers of the “CH Media” report, the federal railways are now upgrading. There are new trains for football fans. 35 EW IV cars are currently being converted.

Linoleum floors, for example, are installed so that the fan trains are also prepared for the fans. According to SBB spokesman Reto Schärli, these are easy to clean. And the toilets are also being upgraded for sports fans who often enjoy drinking.

Instead of an integrated sewage treatment plant, they contain tanks that are each pumped empty. Schärli puts it diplomatically: “This means that the wagons are converted to short and intensive use of the toilets.” According to the report, however, there is only one toilet for every 80 seats.

On the newer trains, the windows can no longer be opened either; instead, the cars have air conditioning.

According to the report, the renovation should be completed next year and the old rolling stock will be scrapped. It is not known how expensive the armament will be.

The SBB pays for the financing itself, neither the Swiss Football League (SFL) nor the clubs participate. (gbl)

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