Energy world powers on the trigger – This is Vladimir Putin’s hour

This is Vladimir Putin’s hour

The world is upside down – at least when it comes to energy prices. Why it came to this and how Russia’s President is now driving Europe in front of him.

Bianca Lüthy, Rita Flubacher, Angelika Gruber

Posted today at 7:04 am

At the moment he can sit back and watch the development, time is playing for him: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For Russia’s presidentin Wladimir Putin, the oil sheikhs and the coal mine owners in China, Eastern Europe and Australia are doing well at the moment. Your goods, which are to a considerable extent Deterioration of the Klimas contributes, finds huge sales. We show what the most important reasons are and what the consequences are.

More natural gas, but on Putin’s terms

In Europe, natural gas prices are currently five times higher than they were a year ago. Gas, which was still in abundance in 2020, has suddenly become a scarce commodity. This affects countries like Germany, where natural gas is the most important energy source ahead of oil and electricity. DThis not only heats apartments, the chemical industry is also heavily dependent on natural gas.


Energy world powers trigger Vladimir Putins hour

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