Hero of the attack in Norway – a policeman with an arrow in his back saved people from the assassin

PublishedOctober 16, 2021, 11:40 am

A police officer was also on site during the terrorist attack in Kongsberg, in which a man armed with a bow and arrow killed five people. Rigoberto Villaroel rescued other people in a supermarket, even struck by an arrow in the back.

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Rigoberto Villaroel put the life of others above his own …

Facebook/Rigoberto Villaroel

… although there was an arrow in his back.

Facebook/Rigoberto Villaroel

The Dane Espen Andersen B. (37) killed four women and a man in Kongsberg.

The Dane Espen Andersen B. (37) killed four women and a man in Kongsberg.


  • In the fatal attack on Wednesday in Kongsberg, Norway, a police officer saved other people’s lives.

  • The father of five, Rigoberto Villaroel (48), had been hit himself – there was an arrow in his back.

  • Even so, he warned the people at the crime scene and sent them from the supermarket.

A police officer who was not on duty at the time of the fatal attack in Kongsberg, Norway, is now celebrated as a hero: Although he was hit by a projectile himself and an arrow was stuck in his shoulder, he looked after other people in the supermarket Danger was. Rigoberto Villaroel (48) tells the British Telegraph (paid item) how he experienced the crime.

“I saw him standing in the shop with his bow and how he started to shoot himself. I immediately called my colleagues at the station and told the bystanders to start running, ”said Villaroel after his discharge from the hospital on Friday. “While I was still on the phone, I turned away and the assassin shot me in the back.” Instead of taking himself to safety outside the supermarket, Villaroel stayed on site and warned other people of the danger until the police arrived. According to the “Bild” newspaper, the arrow penetrated his back nine centimeters, but he was soon released from the hospital.

Villaroel, the father of five, spent Friday evening with his family and celebrated the fact that he was still alive: «My children heard on the news that I had been injured. It was incredibly hard for her. ” It is a strange feeling to be happy about your own life while grieving over the death of others.

“He saved my life”

Markus Alexander Kultima was also in the supermarket when Espen B. started his rampage. The 23-year-old reports: “I had my headphones on when a man came up to me. He told me to stay home and inside. ” Obviously shocked by the experience, he continues: “As I passed him, I saw an arrow sticking out of his back.” The few meters from where he met Villaroel to the exit seemed like an enormous distance to him. “I think he’s a hero,” he says of the brave policeman. “He saved my life.” Another resident who lives above the supermarket confirms: “The policeman ran up to me and shouted: ‘You have to run away, get away quickly! There is a man who attacks people! ›».

Police chief Per Thomas Omholt told the Telegraph that it was rare for a police officer to become a victim in such a case. “What we can say is that he did a great job helping a lot of people out of the store when the attack took place.”

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