Billionaire in the US is “anti-Swiss” – “He doesn’t have to be that arrogant” – SVP-Blocher defends himself against Wyss

PublishedOctober 16, 2021, 9:46 am

In an interview, the billionaire Hansjörg Wyss, who lives in the USA, called the SVP a “danger to Switzerland” where exponents “lack intelligence”. Now former Federal Councilor Christoph Blocher is shooting back in the “Blick”.

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Christoph Blocher (81) defends himself against the criticism …

Moritz Hager/Tamedia AG

… which Hansjörg Wyss practices in SVP politics.

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To be for an independent Switzerland is intelligent, so the multibillionaire.

To be for an independent Switzerland is intelligent, so the multibillionaire.

Moritz Hager/Tamedia AG

  • In an interview, the multi-billionaire Hansjörg Wyss, who lives in the USA, said that he considered the SVP to be ineligible. In addition, exponents of the party lack intelligence.

  • Now SVP superfather Christoph Blocher counters, he thinks Wyss is “not so much smarter than me” and called his attitude “un-Swiss.”

  • Blocher went on to say that his party has a clear line. It is “intelligent to be against unlimited mass immigration”.

The interview, which Hansjörg Wyss (86) gave the “Blick” from the USA, caused quite a stir. In it, the very rich entrepreneur vigorously criticized the SVP: Certain politicians of the party lacked intelligence in connection with the resistance to the Covid certificate, he said. And further: “I am definitely not voting for the SVP. This party is a great danger to Switzerland and has not recognized that we live in an internationally networked world. The most important thing for the SVP is that the Swiss flags fly in every village. ”

That annoyed old Federal Councilor Christoph Blocher. Compared to the “Blick” he now vented his displeasure with Wyss’ statements. “Hansjörg Wyss doesn’t have to be that arrogant,” he rumbles, “after my last conversation with him, I didn’t think he was that much smarter than me.” He also criticizes Wyss for judging Swiss politics from abroad: “In contrast to Wyss, I live in Switzerland. It’s cheap to move to Switzerland from your long-time residence in the USA! “

The SVP has a clear corona policy, Blocher continues. Incidentally, one is not against the certificate, but against the associated state restrictions, which “lead to a de facto compulsory vaccination.”

“We don’t call Wyss a fool”

Regarding Wyss’ criticism of the SVP’s policy of isolation, Blocher says: “The SVP is not against immigration, but against unlimited mass immigration and for the independence of Switzerland. That’s intelligent for someone who loves Switzerland. ” And further: “Wyss has an anti-Swiss attitude, but we don’t call him a fool because of that.”

The native of Bern had also criticized the Federal Council for breaking off negotiations on the framework agreement with the EU: “You don’t do that.” Switzerland will be treated by Brussels like Pakistan in the future. Blocher also has an answer to this statement: “This is the same old record as the EEA-No,” says Blocher. «Back then, too, there was a warning that we would be lumpy. The opposite has happened. ” Criticism from the “distant USA” can easily be said, according to the 81-year-old. “Wyss does not support an independent Switzerland.” He closes the interview with the words: “I like Wyss personally, but he is not a political factor that I deal with.”

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