Collapse in Parliament: Vaccine opponents mock MPs – politics

The tense National Council meeting had to be interrupted after a moment of shock. One speaker suffered a medical emergency.

It was the shock moment of the eventful special session of the National Council on Tuesday: SPÖ women’s chairwoman Eva-Maria Holzleitner collapsed, as reported, behind the desk during her speech. Neo-Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and several club chairmen immediately rushed to help, the ORF cameras panned away, the meeting was interrupted.

Fortunately, the 28-year-old was feeling better after just a few minutes. “She’s laughing again!”, Reports the red federal women manager Ruth Manninger a little later. “I’m fine again, thank you very much for all the recovery wishes!” Said Holzleitner himself shortly afterwards and explained the cause of her weakness attack: “I hadn’t eaten and drunk enough, the air was bad”.

Eva-Maria Holzleitner was attacked by MFG fans after her collapse.Screenshot

But while even political opponents wanted her to get better right after the incident, the vaccine-critical neo party MFG (Human Freedom Fundamental Rights) is causing a scandal. The social democrat was abused via Facebook and her collapse was abused for political propaganda.

Spiteful anti-vaccination propaganda

“Vaccinated vaccination propagandist and SPÖ federal women chairwoman Eva-Maria Holzleitner puts it together in front of the camera,” it said in a post that, according to the “Kronen Zeitung”, was distributed in MFG Facebook groups and also via Telegram. Immediately afterwards it is assumed: “Vaccination (side) effect, lack of oxygen caused by FFP-2 mask or at least karma ???”

Eva-Maria HolzleitnerMichael Indra / SEPA.Media /

The Green MP Barbara Neßler described the “most disgusting comments” of the MFG anti-vaccination opponents on Twitter as absolutely “last-class”. The SPOÖ managing director Georg Brockmeyer also railed that such postings were “unworthy of a party represented in the state parliament”.

“Something like that is of course not okay,” said the affected Holzleitner. For her, the incident was ticked off, the designated MFG club boss Manuel Krautgartner apologized to her over the phone.

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