Animal welfare: L214 to demonstrate in front of several Burger King restaurants

Can we officially have the title of king of the burger and be crowned with the not very noble nickname of “king of cruelty”? In any case, this is how the animal protection association L214 decided to rename Burger King to denounce the conditions for breeding chickens that the fast-food giant buys to make its burgers.

This Friday morning, the activists of the NGO, used to broadcasting shocking videos of mistreated animals shot inside slaughterhouses or farms, will meet in front of the Parisian headquarters of the sign and tomorrow in front of about thirty of its restaurants to point the finger at practices that it would like to see disappear.

“While in France, KFC and Subway have already committed to respecting the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment (a set of measures intended to improve respect for animal welfare), Burger King continues to source from the worst intensive chicken farms, says L214 co-founder Brigitte Gothière. This lack of commitment on the part of a group which is trying to give itself a more modern and qualitative image than its competitors is unjustifiable. “

The brand defends itself

Lower density of birds per square meter, natural light, choice of breeds with slower growth, better air quality, abandonment of the hanging of still conscious chickens at the slaughterhouse … These are some of the measures that the association L214 and around thirty other European animal rights NGOs demand from the suppliers of chickens and their buyers.

Pointed out, the fast food chain affirms on its website that 100% of its chicken nuggets come from birds “born and raised in France in a process of environmental progress and animal welfare”. It also specifies that it acts with its suppliers for “the installation of comfortable henhouses (natural light, increased living space for animals) and a diet based on cereals produced in France ”. So many “criteria” checked according to the mark “each year by independent bodies”.

Not enough to convince L214 who evokes a “discount approach” and has decided to fly in the feathers of the “king of the burger” by encouraging him to really transform himself into the “king” of animal welfare. Contacted this Thursday morning, Burger King France simply told us at the end of the afternoon that it “does not wish to speak on the L214 campaign”.


Animal welfare L214 demonstrate front Burger King restaurants

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