a request for a paternity test that disturbs their relationship

Albert de Monaco: It’s a case, little publicized for the moment but which grieves the Rock a lot. While Charlene of Monaco’s last surgery went well on October 8 and a return of the princess to Monaco should not be long, questions remain.

The revelations of a British magazine

The British magazine Town & Country evokes a subject that has upset the couple in recent months: the request of a Brazilian for Albert II to recognize a child who would be the result of a relationship, in 2005.

In France, this legal action received little coverage in the media. Thierry Lacoste, Albert’s lawyer, closed the debate with this declaration to Le Point magazine, in 2020: “This affair is a tartuferie and a real hoax. It is not based on anything except ranting. In the details given by the mother of this girl, especially on a so-called shared trip, neither the dates nor the facts match. There are no intimate photos, no tangible facts surrounding a possible relationship ”.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco: land of scandals

In September 2021, in an interview given to the famous weekly Paris Match, Nicole Coste, mother of Alexandre, eldest son of Albert II recognized late, also denied this story. For her, it is an umpteenth scandal to do harm. The weekly spoke of the late recognition of Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste and Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, daughter of the prince.

Albert II of Monaco did not ignore the legal action for recognition of paternity, but his counsel Thierry Lacoste decided to counter-attack with a criminal complaint “for attempted fraud and blackmail”. Albert’s lawyer reminded Le Point in 2020: “When we were first contacted about this case, we were given to understand that either we were negotiating or the story would be made public. This is what I call blackmail ”.

A case decided by the courts

A hearing, scheduled for February 2021, has been postponed to a later date. Erich Grimaldi, the plaintiff’s lawyer indicates to the magazine Town & Country that Albert II’s diplomatic immunity complicated the proceedings. Charlene is of course aware of this.

Thierry Lacoste indicates that the request appears as “Totally unfounded” for Italian courts studying the case. What reproach « Mariza S. » ? This Brazilian who lives in Italy says she met Albert in a Rio nightclub in 2004. At the time, she would not have recognized the prince. After their meeting, they would have traveled together for two weeks, from Rio to Milan and even Moscow where they would have met with Vladimir Putin.

Statements denied by Albert II. Back to Brazil, « Mariza S. » would have given birth to a girl « Celia », nine months later. Already in a relationship with Charlene, Albert would have stopped responding to messages from « Mariza S. ». She only discovered her identity when she saw an Italian magazine, and decided to ask her for recognition of their so-called child, as well as alimony. Without answer, « Celia », 15, wrote a letter made public in September 2020.

Erich Grimaldi, the lawyer of « Mariza S. », indicates that she wants Albert II to undergo a paternity test. Another person agrees with Thierry Lacoste: the private detective Robert Eringer, who met Albert in the 1990s.

Recruited in 2005, but breaking with the sovereign for money matters in 2007, Robert Eringer denies the idea of ​​an advancing seducer, masked: “This was not Albert’s way of operating. Rather, he used his status as a prince to seduce women. In 2005, Albert was already approaching fifty, he was almost bald, was overweight and was no longer really attractive. It was her princely status that appealed to women, certainly not her physical appearance ”.

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