research in progress to find a “big feline” on a walk

Since Wednesday, search operations have been carried out near Auxi-le-Château, in Pas-de-Calais, after the presence of a “big feline” in freedom was reported. the gendarmerie, confirming information from the Northern voice.

No less than 20 soldiers were hired on Wednesday and already 9 this Thursday morning to hunt down the beast. Agents of the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) and lieutenants of louveterie support the gendarmes. Air assets, including a helicopter, were also mobilized to map the terrain. This shows to what extent the testimony of a resident of the town of Auxi-le-Château was taken seriously.

No animal of this type reported missing

At present, the species to which the mystery feline belongs has not yet been determined. “It is a wild animal, a big feline”, explains to 20 Minutes a source at the gendarmerie. This Thursday, the trace of the beast had been lost but research continues, in particular to try to find elements that could make it possible to identify the feline, such as droppings or traces of paws.

The “big cat” photographed by a witness. – National Gendarmerie

According to the gendarmerie, the animal “has a semi-domestic behavior” and it “does not systematically flee the man”. However, gendarmes armed with shotguns will be deployed in the area to “reassure the population”.

Still, nobody knows yet what a big feline is doing in freedom in the surroundings: “There is no circus or any zoo having reported the disappearance of such an animal”, we continue to the gendarmerie, adding that one could be in the case of an individual illegally detaining a wild animal.


research progress find big feline walk

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