the murky role of Priscilla M., alias “Sweet scar”

Unraveling the fatal process that led to the beheading of the professor, the judges indicted fifteen people. Among her is a young mother who goaded the killer.

Behind the tragedy of Samuel Paty’s beheading, on October 16, 2020 in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a web of complicity is woven that anti-terrorism judges are still working to unravel. In total, no less than fifteen protagonists are already involved in this dense issue. In the background, Abdoullakh Anzorov appears there as an “isolated terrorist” more than ever surrounded.

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Among those suspected of having guided the Chechen refugee to the history and geography professor is Priscilla M., 33, arrested last June in Nîmes by the police officers of the Anti-Terrorist Sub-Directorate, in charge of investigations alongside of the Directorate General for Internal Security (DGSI). Known by the nickname of “Sweet scar” which she would have borrowed on Twitter, this convert to Islam could have played an important role in guiding the killer towards his target, thus sealing the fate of Samuel Paty.

In the days preceding the attack, she is particularly suspected of having relayed to Anzorov, alias “Chechen Al Ansar 270” on the networks, the hate video that Brahim Chnina, the father of the schoolgirl who maintained that the he 47-year-old teacher showed caricatures of the prophet in class. The suspicions are all the stronger that “Sweet scar”, mother of twins, married religiously, as revealed by Le Parisien, to a prisoner sentenced to fourteen years in prison for a planned attack in Marseille. In front of the investigators, she maintains that Anzorov was a “complete stranger” and maintains that she knew of course nothing of his deadly plans. Saying “horrified” seeing the photo of the beheaded professor, she deleted her Twitter account.

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The circle of “influencers”

At the last stage of the investigation, it is confirmed that the disastrous gear begins with the lie of the college student of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, indicted for “slanderous denunciation”. With her parents, she maintained that the professor of history geography showed in early October 2020 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad when she had been fired for two days from the establishment at the time. Under judicial supervision, she was banned from staying in the Yvelines. At the heart of the circle of “influencers”, his father Brahim Chnina was indicted for “complicity in terrorist assassination” and is still in pre-trial detention. Although he now claims to have been “misled” by his daughter, the investigation retains the virulent campaign on social networks in which he denounces Samuel Paty and the fact that he has contact with Anzorov.

Radical activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui is also being prosecuted for complicity in a terrorist assassination, even if his involvement is debated. Fiché “S”, a fundamentalist supported the father of the schoolgirl to file a complaint against the teacher for distributing pornographic images. He also released a video on October 11, five days before the tragedy, calling for mobilization to exclude the professor whom he called, without naming him, a “thug”. But there is no evidence that the killer watched this footage. One thing has now been taken for granted: Anzorov’s gesture was spurred on by a nebula in which appears, in addition to a “golden scar”, an 18-year-old Russian of Chechen origin.

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The terrorist would also have been linked with two Russian-speaking jihadists installed in the Idlib region of Iraq. The “little hands” of logistical support were missing to complete the picture: Naïm B. and Azim E. two “acquaintances” from his town of Évreux were indicted for having accompanied the killer to buy a knife and pellet guns. In front of the college, the killer also dangled 300 euros to college students so that they designate the target to be shot down. Five teenagers aged 13 to 15 are under judicial supervision in this case which will not be finalized for several months. The messages seized have not all been decrypted yet and confrontations are expected. The trial, meanwhile, should not have been held until 2023.

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