Marine Le Pen “will continue to play politics” even in the event of failure

Cats before politics? Still not. Passionate about felines, the candidate of the National Gathering recently obtained a breeder’s diploma. But no question of seeing this as a reconversion! “I will always have my cats when I am President of the Republic. And if ever I am not elected, I will continue to play politics and I will always have my cats ”, specifies Marine Le Pen on RTL.

The former lawyer also claims to be able to “re-register at the bar if (she) wished”. But whatever happens, the presidential election will not mark the end of his political career. Sure of herself, Marine Le Pen is “convinced of being the best placed” in the race for the Elysee, while a candidacy of Eric Zemmour could deprive her of many votes.

She also extends her hand to the polemicist. On immigration and insecurity, “we are making the same observation, so we will have to come together at one point or another”. “For the moment, he may not be able to hear what I have to say to him, but we will wait a bit”, even if she doubts Eric Zemmour’s desire to take the place of Prime Minister.


Marine Pen continue play politics event failure

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