Nuria Gorrite, Cesla Amarelle and Rebecca Ruiz represent themselves at the Vaud Council of State –

Nuria Gorrite, Cesla Amarelle and Rebecca Ruiz represent themselves at the Vaud Council of State –
Nuria Gorrite, Cesla Amarelle and Rebecca Ruiz represent themselves at the Vaud Council of State –

The three socialists of the Vaud Council of State leave for a round. Nuria Gorrite, Cesla Amarelle and Rebecca Ruiz wish to stand for election in the cantonal elections next March.

Their announcement, Thursday morning in front of the press in a cafe in Bussigny, does not constitute a surprise, as it seemed obvious that all three wanted to get back on track. “This is not the end of an unbearable suspense,” admitted Nuria Gorrite.

The validation of their three-way ticket should also be a formality, on November 13 in Lausanne, during the congress of the Vaud Socialist Party. No other socialist candidacy, theoretically possible, has emerged. “We would already know if this was the case,” said Nuria Gorrite.

Even if nothing has yet been finalized, a new alliance with The Greens seems to be emerging for the election to the Council of State (1st round on March 20, 2nd round on April 10). “This alliance is natural and it has proven its worth,” continued the president of the Vaud government.

We are very calmly engaging in the alliance with Les Verts

Cesla Amarelle

“We are engaging very calmly in this alliance,” added Cesla Amarelle, stressing that during the last municipal elections, the progress of the Greens was not made to the detriment of the PS.

In addition to the Council of State, the three candidates have promised “full involvement” for the elections to the Grand Council, where the left hopes for the first time to gain a majority. “We will be very present on the ground to support the lists in our respective districts”, noted Rebecca Ruiz.

Projects to pursue

In turn, the three Socialists insisted on the fact that they formed “a united team”. And that this solidarity was more than ever necessary to face current and future challenges. “The canton needs people who want to bond, not people who divide,” said Nuria Gorrite.

Rebecca Ruiz also noticed that the Covid-19 crisis had “reinforced” their conviction of having “a solid and active State that should not be weakened”.

Cesla Amarelle also insisted on the importance of continuing the projects they had “put on track” in recent years. What to imagine that they would like, in the event of re-election, to keep their department.

“We are candidates for the Council of State, not for a department,” however noted Nuria Gorrite, recalling that the distribution of departments, or their possible modification, would be done within the framework of the government.

Elected between 2012 and 2019

La Morgienne herself has headed the Department of Infrastructures and Human Resources since taking office in 2012. Cesla Amarelle joined the Council of State five years later, as head of the Department of Training, Youth and of the culture.

As for Rebecca Ruiz, she joined the cantonal executive following a complementary election in 2019, organized after the departure of Pierre-Yves Maillard. La Lausannoise is in charge of the Department of Health and Social Action.

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