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Registration at with immediate effect for risk groups and everyone who received a second stab more than six months ago; Reminder letter and online vaccination appointment calculator

Vienna (OTS / RK) Vaccination is going on in full swing in Vienna – and for all those who received the second sting before April, the booster vaccination is now due. Today, Tuesday, Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig, City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker and the medical director of the Vienna Health Association, Michael Binder, took stock of the vaccination progress in Vienna and the further timetable for Covid vaccination and the booster vaccination at a media event – colloquially the “third stitch” – presented in the federal capital. To this end, the city is setting up a new vaccination portal on, through which appointments for the booster vaccination can be booked. In addition, there will be individual online advice on refreshing the Covid vaccination in the future.

Vienna successful in vaccination quota for immunization; The “next challenge” is a refresher vaccination

“Vienna was always on the safe side in the pandemic,” emphasized Mayor Ludwig. Even if there had been criticism of the city’s measures, Vienna had come through the pandemic well compared to other federal states, emphasized the city chief. “We are doing well with the 7-day incidence and the vaccination quota on average in Austria,” said Ludwig. “Vaccination is still the only way to protect yourself from the virus. We managed to raise the vaccination quota over the summer, ”said Ludwig, taking stock. Now is “the next challenge”, the booster vaccination. “That is why the third vaccination bite will be in focus in the near future,” announced Ludwig.

The City of Vienna used the summer to encourage as many Viennese as possible to vaccinate with creative vaccination offers from the vaccination boat on the Old Danube to vaccinations in municipal housing and Steffl to vaccinations at the supermarket checkout or in Lugner City, summarized City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker. Through all offers without an appointment for the vaccination off the Impfstrasse in the Austria Center Vienna, the city was able to win 139,229 Viennese people for the Covid vaccination, according to Hacker.

In principle, the vaccination rate in Vienna is “pleasantly high,” said Hacker. The vaccination rate for 30 to 50-year-olds in Vienna is 70 percent, in the next older age group between 50 and 80 years it is more than 80 percent, and for older people even beyond 90 percent. “In the last few weeks, progress has been made especially in those districts where many young people live,” said Hacker. The greatest progress has been made in the “youngest” districts of Floridsdorf, Favoriten and Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.

The booster vaccination is already running in the city. Almost 22,000 Viennese have their third vaccination – according to Hacker, these are mainly those who were vaccinated early a year ago, i.e. residents of nursing homes and health workers, as well as medical staff and pedagogues. The National Vaccination Board (NIG) recommends a booster vaccination between six and nine months after the second vaccination for anyone over the age of 65 who has risk factors and for those who have received both vaccinations from Astra Zeneca. For everyone else – i.e. younger than 65 years and double vaccinated with Moderna or Biontech / Pfizer – the NIG recommends a booster vaccination from 12 months after full immunization. Anyone who has been vaccinated once with Johnson and Johnson should get the booster vaccination as early as 28 days after the vaccination.

New vaccination portal, letter on booster vaccinations and vaccination myths and online vaccination date calculator

In order to make booking vaccination appointments easier, the City of Vienna has now implemented a new vaccination management system on before the large-scale Corona booster vaccinations and the influenza vaccination. In the new vaccination portal on, all vaccination appointments – also for flu or TBE vaccination campaigns – should be able to be booked in the future, said Hacker. It is also possible to arrange mere consultation appointments and the system can also be used for group bookings for vaccinations for family members. Anyone who is already registered with can transfer existing data to the new system when registering for the new platform.

In order to inform the Viennese about the upcoming booster vaccination, the city will send a letter to all Viennese households in October, announced Hacker. The letter in German, English, Turkish and BKS provides answers to questions about the booster vaccination, which varies depending on age, risk level and vaccine received so far. In order to provide information about the right time for the booster, a booster calculator is now available at, with which all Viennese can determine when they can get their third vaccination.

Incompletely vaccinated persons are the driving force behind the infection process

The medical director of the Vienna Health Association, Michael Binder, insisted on the fact that the vaccination has proven to be an effective protection against a disease and especially a severe course of the disease: “All studies and experience show: the vaccination works extremely well,” said Binder.

In the case of new infections as well as those who have been hospitalized, people who have not been fully vaccinated make up the majority of those affected, said Binder. Of the 6,208 active Covid cases reported on Monday, October 11, 2021, 81 percent were not fully vaccinated. According to Binder, 172 Covid patients are currently in normal care in Viennese hospitals – 71 percent of them are not fully vaccinated. This picture is even more drastic for intensive care patients. 86 Covid patients are in intensive care in Viennese hospitals – 93 percent are not fully vaccinated. “All of these data show that the Covid-19 vaccination not only protects against infection, but also, in particular, against a severe course of illness and the associated hospital stay.”

In addition to its effectiveness, it has now also been proven that myths about Covid vaccination are “incorrect”. “Clinical studies show that the vaccination has no influence on the fertility of women or the potency of men.” On the contrary: Anyone who wants to have children should definitely get vaccinated. “It has been scientifically proven that women have an increased risk of a severe course of Covid disease during pregnancy. For them, the vaccination is even more important protection. “

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