BVB star Mats Hummels turtles with Neuer in Denmark – this is how Cathy reacts

BVB star Mats Hummels turtles with Neuer in Denmark – this is how Cathy reacts
BVB star Mats Hummels turtles with Neuer in Denmark – this is how Cathy reacts

Mats Hummels is now supposed to be hooking up with a Dane.

Image: aussenrist15 / instagram

There are new rumors of love about the star kicker Mats Hummels. The star kicker is said to have separated from his wife Cathy months ago, but the marriage has not yet been officially confirmed. In between, RTL reported, among other things, that the 32-year-old would tap into a regional league table tennis player, but he also left this uncommented. Now he has been spotted at the side of a dark-haired beauty in Denmark.

As the “Bild” reports, Mats turtled a few days ago with the Danish Stefanie Brigon in Copenhagen. During his injury break, the BVB star is said to have ended up abroad at the weekend – he obviously enjoyed the stay.

Mats Hummels turtles with a new wife

Mats and Stefanie (after all, she has over 9,000 followers on Instagram) were spotted together in the exclusive members’ club “Museo”. There the two allegedly flirted violently and kisses were exchanged.

According to “Bild” information, Mats’ buddy Johannes Mösmang from the FC Bayern support team was also in Copenhagen. With him, the kicker is said to have visited other hip spots in the city, including a burger shop. He also didn’t miss the Cafe Victor, which is very popular among celebrities. At the weekend, Mats even shared a photo himself on Instagram from the “Geranium” restaurant.

How serious it is between the footballer and his alleged new flame is not clear – it may just be a flirtation. Nevertheless, fans should follow the latest news with interest, especially since he himself is still silent on his current relationship status.

Cathy Hummels: hint on Instagram?

On Cathy Hummels’ profile, potential new affairs from Mats are also not an issue, at least not directly. In return, she often demonstrates harmony with son Ludwig and her dog in posts. Somewhat surprising for her followers, there were even two family photos in the last few weeks, in which Mats could also be seen. One of them was created on little Ludwig’s first day of kindergarten, because in any case Mats still takes his father duties very seriously.

Indirectly, however, Cathy seems to allude to the rumors about the love affair with Mats on social media every now and then. Your latest post, for example, is actually harmless. She writes: “I just love autumn and when the sun is shining, the day is wonderful for me.” But then this sentence follows: “And when I get a smooch from my favorite person, it will be beautiful.”

Is she reacting to the latest smooch reports about her supposed ex? This is quite possible, because at Cathy Hummels every word is well thought out. The media expert Tina Schürmann said in August at watson: “Of course she knows, especially as an influencer, how her statements are interpreted.”


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