AMG and van der Linde “have caused DTM damage”

AMG and van der Linde “have caused DTM damage”
AMG and van der Linde “have caused DTM damage”

( – The controversial title decision in the DTM with the Mercedes-AMG manufacturer’s tactics and Kelvin van der Linde’s ramming against AF-Corse title favorite Liam Lawson, who cost him the title, caused a social media shitstorm taken care of. And while DTM boss Gerhard Berger was even more understanding after the race, he is now taking a hard line with the protagonists.

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DTM boss Berger is anything but happy with the Norisring finale


“Both topics, the Mercedes stable order and the maneuver by van der Linde, not only sparked discussions, but also caused damage to the DTM,” Berger told ‘Bild’.

“I’m really sorry for all those involved who have contributed to the attractiveness of the DTM this season and who have done everything to ensure that the DTM stands for tough, fair racing right up to the last race, in which the best wins. That’s us Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed in the final and we are far behind in the favor of the fans. “

DTM manager Elsner: “We were surprised by the strategy”

Therefore, Berger announces consequences: “The topic is not off the table and I will personally work for a solution”, said the Austrian, who had successfully campaigned for the team order in the DTM to be banned and that through one Anchoring sales in the regulations with a penalty of 250,000 euros.

This year it was believed that the influence of the manufacturers would no longer be so great due to the end of the pure factory teams and that the topic would have been dealt with by itself, which is why the paragraph was deleted from the regulations. In the end, however, Mercedes-AMG taught them better.

DTM manager Frederic Elsner confirms this to the ‘Stuttgarter Zeitung’. “This season there were independent teams at the start, no longer factory teams from manufacturers as before, so we were a bit surprised by this strategy.”

Berger wants to “draw the right conclusions”

How do you want to find a solution? “We take a close look at the facts and then hopefully draw the right conclusions based on our knowledge,” said Berger.

DTM finale Norisring 2021: collisions, tactics – Götz is champion!

A season finale could hardly be more dramatic: The title candidates Liam Lawson and Kelvin van der linde collide again – concentrated Mercedes-AMG power helps Maximilian Götz to his first DTM title More DTM videos

The 62-year-old, who saved the DTM after Audi and BMW left at the end of 2020 and is now leading the racing series all by himself, admits that he had “slept really badly” the last few nights. “I’ve been a motorsport enthusiast through and through for 40 years and my athlete’s heart can’t cope with such artificial shifts.”

He can accept “if a driver makes a decision on his own initiative in the interests of the team,” said Berger. “But that is also the limit. But it is absolutely unacceptable when teams or drivers are given the task of giving up their position in order to shift the advantage elsewhere.”

Berger: AMG tactics worse than Ferrari stall orders in F1

Berger sees the scope even greater than in the numerous stall order situations in Formula 1. “I just remember the wave of indignation Ferrari was confronted with by the fans when Rubens Barrichello gave up victory for Michael Schumacher at the time,” refers he referred to the Spielberg farce in 2002, when the Brazilian had to give up his victory in only the sixth race of the season on the orders of Ferrari boss Jean Todt.

“In our case, we are talking about a cross-team arrangement. That is a completely different quality that I can neither personally nor athletically accept on our platform”, Berger clearly demands an end to artificial changes of place in favor of the manufacturer.

Berger notices that after initial caution, the manufacturers have now recognized how attractive the DTM is as a platform. But now you have to show them the limits: “The current discussion shows that the manufacturers, in whatever form, are committed, but also exert influence. That is positive, but must not have any effect on fairness.”

“Kelvin’s behavior on Turn 1 was not acceptable”

In spite of everything, Götz is not an undeserved champion, explains Berger: “Maximilian has shown a constant, good performance over the entire season – so I’m happy for him. Maximilian cannot help that the championship title has a somewhat bland aftertaste for other reasons. “

For this, he goes to court with Abt-Audi driver Kelvin van der Linde, who has since apologized for his behavior. The South African Lawson, who would have been sixth for the title on Sunday, drove into the car with full force in the first corner and thus destroyed the Red Bull youngster’s race.

Photo gallery: DTM final 2021: Kelvin van der Linde rams title rival Liam Lawson

“In my opinion, Kelvin van der Linde has overshot the mark,” says Berger. “His behavior in Turn 1 was unacceptable – neither in terms of sport nor safety. Perhaps the tough maneuvers against Götz can still be recorded under tough racing Not supporting the platform, but in the end it is a matter for the sports authorities. “

A hidden criticism of the decision of the race management to give van der Linde only a five-second penalty for his maneuver.

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