Christian Jacob: Edouard Philippe “set France on fire”

Christian Jacob: Edouard Philippe “set France on fire”
Christian Jacob: Edouard Philippe “set France on fire”

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Edouard Philippe under fire from critics. Christian Jacob has severely scratched the former Prime Minister, who recently created his own political party Horizons. “When you hear Édouard Philippe’s words today, you want to pinch yourself”, affirms the president of the Republicans (LR). “When we hear him wanting to restore order in the public accounts, there is something to fall from his chair”, he insists denouncing a “catastrophic record”. “Never have public spending been so poorly controlled, and this before the Covid-19 crisis”, he adds in the columns of Figaro.

Beyond the economic aspect, Christian Jacob raised his voice to those who “give everything to the thugs and thugs in Notre-Dame-des-Landes”. The number 1 of the Republicans, whom Horizons could overshadow in the coming months, believes that Édouard Philippe has put “fire everywhere with yellow vests”. “By his contempt and ignorance”, the former resident of Matignon has “set the whole of France on fire”, he asserts.

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Christian Jacob Edouard Philippe set France fire

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