Sebastian Kurz – from Federal Chancellor to Member of Parliament

Sebastian Kurz – from Federal Chancellor to Member of Parliament
Sebastian Kurz – from Federal Chancellor to Member of Parliament

On Thursday, former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) will be sworn in as a member of the National Council and will officially celebrate his premiere as ÖVP club boss. For his turquoise colleagues, the “step on the side” and the change to the club boss is only a stop on the way back to the Chancellery.

AUSTRIA. Sebastian Kurz assumes that the serious allegations against him will soon vanish into thin air. The former Chancellor himself, his closest confidante, including Neo-Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP), consider the allegations to be “false”. However, the advertising affair is currently not the only thing that affects Kurz.

Do you believe in a short comeback?

Advertisement affair

Investigations against Kurz and his confidants have been ongoing since last week. It’s about the so-called advertisement affair and thus about presumably fudged surveys. These are said to have been published along with benevolent reporting in the tabloid “Austria”. In return, advertisements are said to have been placed, according to the presumption of the corruption prosecutors (the presumption of innocence applies). The surveys and studies are said to have been billed with “bogus bills” from the finance department. The “Austria Tool” is said to have paved the way for Kurz to become the Chancellor, the investigators suspect.

False statement

Due to the advertising affair, another ongoing procedure has almost been forgotten. In addition to advertising corruption, the 35-year-old ex-chancellor is also accused of false statements. In the context of the Ibiza-U Committee, Kurz is said to have testified wrongly in connection with the filling of posts by the state holding company Öbag. When questioned, the former chancellor had claimed that he was not involved in the appointment of the supervisory board, including sole director Thomas Schmid. The judiciary considers that to be implausible.

Printing from our own ranks

There is also increasing pressure from the ranks of the ÖVP. In the meantime, some country managers have criticized Kurz and the moral image conveyed in the chat protocols. In addition, one fears within the ÖVP that more could come to light. At the moment the ÖVP is still behind the former chancellor. However, if the investigation should expand, it could be difficult, even for a short time, to stay at the top of the party and celebrate a comeback as Federal Chancellor.

The ÖVP scandal – the chronology

October 6: House searches in the Chancellery and ÖVP headquarters

* Explosive chat logs emerge * The corruption prosecutor is investigating Sebastian Kurz and a total of nine close employees. The presumption of innocence appliesOctober 7th: Greens briefly withdraw their trust
* Special session in the National Council * Opposition supports motion of no confidence 1.30 p.m .: Kogler meets Federal President Van der Bellen 4 p.m .: Sebastian Kurz at Van der Bellen 5 p.m .: SPÖ boss Rendi-Wagner in the HofburgOctober 8: The ÖVP is united behind Kurz
Without Kurz, the party would not stay in government, so the common tenor. They want to continue the coalition with the Greens

* Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen is holding further talks

* Greens insist on new chancellor

October 9: Kurz wants to stay in office

* ÖVP rejects the proposal to put the budget in a dry place before a motion of censure.

* The fronts harden

October 10: Kurz announces his resignation

* 7 p.m.: The Chancellor resigns and announces his successor, Alexander Schallenberg

* 7.30 p.m.: Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen declares the government crisis over

October 11: Oaths

* 1 p.m.: Schallenberg and his successor Linhart are sworn in * 2 p.m .: Statement by the new Federal Chancellor * 2:50 p.m .: Gerald Fleischmann is no longer media officer in the Federal Chancellery * 9:00 p.m .: ÖVP club unanimously elected Kurz as chairman

Schallenberg thinks a short comeback is possible

New U committee on ÖVP corruption investigations

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