Tax authorities discover front company in Bregenz – Bregenz

13.10.2021 19:53

(Akt. 13.10.2021 19:53)


The Austrian tax authority informs that the company Opteryx GmbH in Bregenz is a bogus company.

The reference is made in relation to the Social Fraud Prevention Act after a communication from the financial police.

Real estate project development

A look at the company register extract shows that this company with the company register number 466724i has traveled across Austria. The corporate law shell was founded in Vienna in 2017. At that time the company was still called ORGANIKA BIO FOOD GmbH and then PAUNA BIO FOOD GmbH. In the summer of 2021, the name was changed to Opteryx GmbH. After the company was founded, the headquarters moved to Linz, then to St. Barbara in Mürz Valley, then to Teesdorf (Lower Austria) and finally to Bregenz in the summer of 2021. At the same time, the business purpose was also changed this year from trading in goods of all kinds to real estate project development.

The majority owner is a LTD from London

Opteryx GmbH is currently owned by OPTERYX SECURITY Solution Steingasse 6a LTD in London and Nicolae Pauna (born 1958), living in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. Pauna has been registered as managing director since March 2021. The British majority owner has been on board since 2018, Pauna since 2021. The previous majority owner was also a limited company in England. (Business press agency)


Tax authorities discover front company Bregenz Bregenz

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