an armed man shot dead by the gendarmes in Danjoutin

An armed man who allegedly shot at the gendarmes was killed by the soldiers on Wednesday October 13 in the city center of Danjoutin (Territoire de Belfort) after a chase, AFP learned from the gendarmerie and the Belfort prosecutor’s office. During this chase, the 37-year-old man crashed into two gendarmerie vehicles by forcing roadblocks, without causing any injuries, said the gendarmerie, confirming information from L’Est Républicain. But once blocked by the gendarmes against a sidewalk in Danjoutin, he “would then have opened fire in the direction of the soldiers, who replied», Indicated Eric Plantier, the prosecutor of Belfort.

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«The individual was fatally injured and died on the spot“, Continued Eric Plantier, specifying that the soldiers a priori fired six times on the fugitive. “The technical and ballistic findings will confirm the number of shots fired by the military“, He specified. “As is the practice in such circumstances, two soldiers are placed in police custody as part of an open investigation of the count of willful violence with a weapon leading to death.The prosecutor told AFP.

Already known by the gendarmes

The victim’s mother had “called the gendarmerie indicating that his son wanted to end his life“, Also indicated the gendarmerie to AFP.

Wednesday around 10:20 am, the thirty-something had come to squeal his tires in front of the gendarmerie of Beaucourt (Territoire de Belfort) and had exhibited a weapon in front of a gendarme before “set off with a bang“, Triggering the chase, according to the gendarmerie. The man was known to the gendarmerie for drug cases.

The investigation was entrusted in cosaisine to the research section of Besançon and to the general inspectorate of the national gendarmerie.

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armed man shot dead gendarmes Danjoutin

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