Drug trafficking in Seine-Saint-Denis: 11 people out of 19 indicted after the release of the mayor of Canteleu

The affair caused a stir. Due to its scope, the resources deployed (the Raid and the BRI) and especially the “targets” questioned, including Mélanie Boulanger (PS), the mayor of Canteleu (Seine-Maritime), and one of his deputies, in this Norman town of 15,000 inhabitants. This vast anti-drug operation carried out on October 8 was piloted from Seine-Saint-Denis. The nineteen people arrested and placed in police custody were under rogatory commission from an investigating judge from the Bobigny court.

Among them, eleven were indicted after their presentation before the investigating magistrate. “Eight are domiciled in Normandy and three in the Paris region”, said Wednesday the prosecutor of the Republic of Bobigny, Eric Mathais, in a press release.

According to their role and their involvement in this affair, the suspects are prosecuted for “criminal conspiracy”, “drug trafficking”, “laundering of money derived from drug trafficking” and “possession of category A and B weapons”, details the prosecutor. Some combine several offenses. One of them is also in a state of recurrence.

The investigations led to the seizure of 15 kilos of heroin, 25 kilos of cutting products, firearms and 375,000 euros

Following their indictment, which spanned three days, from Sunday to Tuesday, only one was released and placed under judicial supervision. The others were remanded in custody. Four of them are still awaiting their defense before the judge of freedoms and detention, which must intervene between Wednesday and Friday.

The eight other people arrested Friday in this crackdown had already been released Sunday, without any prosecution, at this stage of the case. Including Mélanie Boulanger and her assistant.

“It will be up to the examining magistrate to assess the follow-up to be given concerning these people with regard to the elements collected within the framework of the judicial investigation”, underlines Eric Mathais. The mayor of Canteleu had shared her emotion and her incomprehension during a press conference on Monday noon, insisting that she had “no link” with the suspected traffickers and that, according to her, her police custody “did not” was not justified ”.

The investigations have, moreover, made it possible to seize “fifteen kilos of heroin, twenty-five kilos of cutting products, firearms and the sum of 375,000 euros” during the searches carried out on Friday, had indicated the prosecutor of Bobigny in a previous press release.

This investigation has been open for two years for “drug trafficking” and “criminal association”. It is carried out by investigators from the departmental service of the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis. Their colleagues from the departmental security services of the Seine-Maritime public security directorate were also seized.


Drug trafficking SeineSaintDenis people indicted release mayor Canteleu

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