opposed to the health pass, they tell about their daily life in the face of a system destined to last

“The epidemic is not behind us.” Olivier Véran made this reminder, on franceinfo, Wednesday, October 13, to justify the government’s caution in lifting all measures to regulate the Covid-19 epidemic. The Minister of Health was the guest of the morning show a few hours before the consideration by the Council of Ministers of the possibility of extending the sanitary pass.

Used since July, this pass is scheduled to last until November 15, except in the event of a new epidemic wave. To anticipate this scenario, the government has left the possibility of extending it until July 31. How do those who have always refused vaccination live with this possibility and two days before the end of free PCR tests?

For the first time, Aurélie *, 54, will obtain a health pass on November 2 for a medical appointment at the hospital. Until now, she has never done any PCR, antigen or saliva test, and has not been vaccinated against Covid-19. She expressed her opposition to the sanitary pass in Toulon (Var), the ephemeral capital of the fight against its establishment this summer, or in Brignoles, in the same department. “They created something unprecedented with this health pass. Tomorrow, we will point the finger at those who do not do like the others, right?” Since the introduction of the pass in restaurants, Aurélie has only been there twice. “Fortunately, I was not asked for the pass. Otherwise, I eat at home in my large garden and invite friends over.”, she explains.

What about supermarkets that require sesame to enter? “I avoid them, I rather go to small shops”, answers this teacher in a vocational school in the Var. Sports halls? “Fortunately, the one I’m going to doesn’t wonder.” In the end, the summer and the start of the school year went well. “I didn’t feel deprived, she assures. At first I was outraged and angry and now I move on, even though I think extending the health pass is an abuse. “

Véronique also chose this life without a health pass. “I’m fine with not going to the movies, I have Netflix at home”, slips this 49-year-old beautician, living in Le Cannet (Alpes-Maritimes). For her, the introduction of the health pass is difficult to digest. “We can no longer go to restaurants or museums because we are not vaccinated … Do you realize where we are? They can extend it until 2030 if they want, I will not get vaccinated . “

Even if Wladimir, a 60-year-old photographer from the Var, believes that this life without a health pass “born [le] bother no more than that “, he hopes that “the deputies will put an end to this heresy”. However, elected officials are not called upon to comment on this text. Only a report, no later than February 28, 2022, is expected in Parliament. Since July, Wladimir has been tested if necessary in a pharmacy in “200 meters” from is home. From Friday, PCR tests will be billed at 44 euros for unvaccinated adults without a prescription, while antigenic tests will be set at 22 euros minimum. It doesn’t change anything for him, who has already made a plan. “I won’t pay to get tested, he assures. Like most unvaccinated French people, I will ask my doctor for a prescription. “

An option also favored by Véronique. “I will go see my GP and ask for a prescription for me to be tested.” However, no question for her to defraud. The government on Wednesday tightened the risks for holders of a fraudulent health pass to a maximum of 5 years in prison and 75,000 euros in fines. “I will not make a mistake because it is against my principles, but I will never be vaccinated so far. Too bad, I am a rebel.”

* The first name has been changed at the request of the person concerned

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