the high school student sentenced to a 5-month suspension

the high school student sentenced to a 5-month suspension
the high school student sentenced to a 5-month suspension

The high school student from Combs-la-Ville (Seine-et-Marne) filmed violently throwing his teacher to the ground on Friday was sentenced on Wednesday to five months in prison with probationary suspension, the Melun prosecutor’s office told AFP . Posted on social networks and widely reported in the media, the video of the incident shows a high school student forcing his way through his teacher who was preventing him from leaving the classroom, throwing her brutally to the ground by opening the door of a big blow.

Immediate appearance

Placed in police custody Monday afternoon, the high school student was sentenced, at the end of his hearing for immediate appearance, to a sentence of 5 months in prison with probationary suspension of two years, told AFP the prosecutor of Melun Béatrice Angelelli. The reprieve involves 140 hours of community service, a citizenship internship, the prohibition of contact with the teacher and the obligation of care and work or training, she said. “His re-schooling will be in a special establishment, I will see to it, so that, as well on the penal level as on the disciplinary level, we are extremely firm and strict and this case is one of the demonstrations”, a declared the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer during the session of questions to the government in the Senate.

In a statement on Saturday, the rectorate of the academy of Créteil had indicated that the main defendant was excluded as a precaution from the establishment, pending the holding of a disciplinary council where he “is exposed to heavy sanctions “. Two other underage students, prosecuted for having filmed and broadcast on social networks the altercation, will be tried in a guilty hearing on November 23, added the prosecutor. New provision of juvenile criminal justice in force since September 30, this first hearing will rule only on guilt. The sentence will be decided within 6 to 9 months.

The investigation opened for violence with aggravating circumstances, because committed against a teacher and in a school, had been entrusted to the police station of Melun.


high school student sentenced #5month suspension

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