the adventurer confides in her “perfect love” with Jérôme

the adventurer confides in her “perfect love” with Jérôme
the adventurer confides in her “perfect love” with Jérôme

Just eliminated from Koh-Lanta, The Legend this Tuesday evening on TF1, Clémentine confided spinning the perfect love for two years with a certain Jérôme …

Remember, in 2017, on a comfortable day of Koh-Lanta, Clementine introduced Valentin, his companion at the time, to the public and to adventurers. An idyll that ended “since five years“specifies the adventurer to our colleagues of pure people. But the young thirty-something quickly found the smile on the arms of a certain Jérôme with whom she spins”a perfect love for almost two years.“The couple even projects:”We would both like to travel in an eco-responsible way. He is 35 years old, I am 30 years old so obviously we have projects … but there is nothing concrete for the moment.

Clementine preserved from haters on social networks

Just eliminated from The Legend of Koh-Lanta, Clémentine took the opportunity on Tuesday to settle accounts with Alix and Alexandra before being very pessimistic about the future of the girls in the adventure All-Stars of the survival game of TF1 … Fearing, before the start of the season, to be again the target of haters on social networks – “I know it’s going to go again and that I’m going to get cut. But that’s how it is, you can’t please everyone. I learned to live with it and it doesn’t matter“- the adventurer has been rather preserved.”I’m glad I wasn’t their main target. But at the same time, the haters had no material … if I had betrayed the girls alliance : AIE Aie Aie. I don’t think I was bad looking on the screen. And then I also grew, evolved and learned to communicate better. Everything that came out on social networks, these are rather funny montages that I really took on the tone of humor“she told us.

Jérôme was apprehensive about the dissemination of Koh-Lanta

Something to reassure Jérôme who, Clémentine admits to our colleagues, “do not know at all how the tv works. He dreaded the diffusion, the notoriety. But in fact we realize that we, in our mountain, are quieter than in the city. He takes everything on the safe side.


adventurer confides perfect love Jérôme

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