Media aid, stamp duty and two initiatives in the vote on February 13, 2022 –

Media aid, stamp duty and two initiatives in the vote on February 13, 2022 –
Media aid, stamp duty and two initiatives in the vote on February 13, 2022 –

On February 13, the Swiss people will decide on the media aid package, stamp duty, the initiative against tobacco advertising, as well as that on the ban on animal and human experimentation. The Federal Council set the menu for the first federal votes in 2022 on Wednesday.

The media package proposes, among other things, to extend indirect support to the press by also supporting the morning distribution of newspapers in the future. An envelope of 120 million is planned for this component.

The package also creates aid for online media endowed with CHF 30 million per year aimed at promoting the digital transition. Contributions paid may reach a maximum of 60% of the turnover generated by the company. Aid is also planned for press agencies, journalism schools and the Swiss Press Council.

The referendum has just been tabled with more than 113,000 signatures, but the Federal Chancellery has yet to validate it. For the referendum committee, the help primarily benefits rich media groups and publishers. The envelope provided by Parliament is an “unnecessary and dangerous waste of tax money”, he said.

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Abolition of stamp duty

The abolition of stamp duty on capital was adopted by Parliament during the summer session. The left and the unions launched the referendum, believing that the measure will only benefit the richest. The Federal Chancellery must again validate the 65,000 initials collected.

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The abolition of stamp duty has occupied parliamentarians for many years. The National approved the project in 2013, before it was suspended several times. The People’s House finally narrowly agreed to unlock it last winter. The Council of States followed it this summer.

Protection of children and animals

The initiative “Yes to the protection of children and young people against tobacco advertising (children and young people without tobacco advertising)” was launched by health circles in 2018. It responded to Parliament’s refusal to legislate On the question.

In the meantime, the legislature concocted a new law, which it adopted during the fall session. It is seen as an indirect counter-project to the popular initiative against tobacco advertising.

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The initiative “Yes to the ban on animal and human experimentation – Yes to research approaches that promote safety and progress” proposes to replace current practice with more ethical methods. It also provides for prohibiting the trade, import and export of products directly or indirectly the subject of experiments on animals.

Launched in 2017 by citizens of St. Welsh, the initiative is supported by some 80 organizations and companies. Among the personalities who support him are members of the PS and the Greens and supporters of the animal cause. Parliament rejected the text without opposing it to a counter-project.

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