Video message: Kurz speaks of “resignation and anger”

Video message: Kurz speaks of “resignation and anger”
Video message: Kurz speaks of “resignation and anger”

At the moment, Sebastian Kurz continues, a lot is being mixed up with one another, even if it is difficult for many to see through what has happened.

“I think a big problem is that so much is being mixed up at the moment that it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to see through. I think a clear separation between text messages and criminal allegations is important.”says Kurz.

“Never in my whole life have I ever been criminally guilty of anything”

Kurz would like to state in “all clarity”: “In my whole life I have not been criminally guilty of anything. And I am glad that there are now more and more experts who also clearly state that there is no evidence of incitement and thus criminally relevant behavior by my side. And I’ll prove that at the end of the day! “

In conclusion, Kurz sums it up: he took a step to ensure “That the government work can continue in a stable manner. I myself will now rebut the allegations against myself and do everything possible to support the government work in the best possible way. And in this way I ask you for your support.”


Video message Kurz speaks resignation anger

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