a launch trailer of formidable efficiency

In a little less than two weeks, The Guardians of the Galaxy will try to make us forget the bad experience Marvel’s Avengers, which also continues to sink with the imminent arrival of a system linked to pay-to-win. With this commitment to offer us a narrative solo adventure with their game, Eidos Montreal wishes to tell us about their vision of the Marvel comic-book, from which it is strongly inspired. Indeed, despite the popularity of James Gunn’s films for the MCU, Canadian developers have taken a different approach. We can see it quite well in this launch trailer devilishly paced and edited with a certain taste. In this way, we could even believe that this Guardians of the Galaxy will land without any false note, which is clearly not the case when we take the game in hand. We had indeed detected big weaknesses in the gameplay and game design, with rough fights and not very intuitive controls. Fortunately, this launch trailer makes us forget these pitfalls that we hope corrected for the test. The release of Guardians of the Galaxy is set for October 26.


launch trailer formidable efficiency

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