He reaches 230 km / h with his lawn mower and breaks the world record

A lawn mower transformed into a racing car. This is the astonishing spectacle that a Briton offered to the members of the Guinness book of records who came to record his feat, reports The Sun relayed by CNews.

Tony Edwards, a 57-year-old man, broke the speed record on a lawn mower after launching his machine at full speed on the runway at Elvington Airfield, England (United Kingdom). It reached a speed of 230 km / h, the previous record being “only” 214 km / h. The moment was filmed and broadcast on YouTube.

Two years of work and $ 30,000

His record was made possible by a 1,300 cc Suzuki engine that he installed in place of the mower’s original engine. The vehicle has also been modified to achieve this impressive speed. “I am really delighted,” said Tony Edwards, who has invested $ 30,000 (26,000 euros) in this project. “It was a lot of effort, it took two years of work. “

His record has been validated by the Guinness Book of Records. However, it does not hold the palm of the most incongruous speed record on the planet. Indeed, in November 2020 former F1 driver Michael Andretti broke the speed record in an edible car, reaching 27.4 km / h in a vehicle made of ria cakes and vanilla cakes, notes CNews.


reaches lawn mower breaks world record

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