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PSG / Real Madrid: Mbappé, Benzema … Giroud lets go of his truths about the controversies in the Blues!

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Posted on October 13, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. by AM

While he seems to have lost his place in the France team, Olivier Giroud returned to the controversies he experienced in the Blues with Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé.

Second top scorer of the France team, Olivier Giroud is one of the main victims of the revival launched by Didier Deschamps. Indeed, since the Euro, the striker of theAC Milan is no longer called in Blues, and at the top of his 35 years, the former Montpellier may have said goodbye to his international career when he was only 5 goals from the record of Thierry Henry. However, recent months have been marked by his relationship with Kylian Mbappé. Indeed, Olivier Giroud had complained after a friendly about the individualism of the striker of the PSG, which had generated a small controversy. ” I’ll tell you the truth: the same evening, I was enraged, but two days later, I didn’t think about it anymore. I explained myself to him, I told him what I had to say to him, and then it was over. It’s sure that it dragged on the level of the press, the people, there was always this shadow above the head of the team, but it was no longer a problem for us. », Recently explained Kylian Mbappé on this subject. A vision shared by Olivier Giroud.

“We had a conversation between adults and it was not a problem”

In an interview with Guardian, the former striker of Chelsea and Arsenal thus clarifies the matter concerning its relation with Kylian Mbappé : « It was such a small thing. Mbappé was a little upset for a few days even though I explained to him that I was not pointing the finger at him. I didn’t mean to be hard on anyone. I had just answered a question where a journalist told me after the game: ‘Oh, you were very discreet but you scored two goals.’ It’s always like they (the media) are trying to piss me off. I just said, ‘Yeah, maybe we could’ve found each other a different way.’ That’s all. The media tried to inflate it and say that it ruined the atmosphere within the team. But come on! We had an adult chat and it was no problem ». Most Olivier Giroud don’t stop there.

“All my career in the national team, they have opposed me to Benzema”

Indeed, the other subject that followed him throughout his international career is none other than competition with Karim Benzema. And for good reason, Olivier Giroud has often been held responsible for sidelining the striker from Real Madrid when he quite simply inherited his post. An opposition that has necessarily marked the history in the Blues of the former scorer of MHSC, especially since the return of Karim Benzema in the France team this time coincides with the withdrawal ofOlivier Giroud. But the latter ensures that there is no problem. ” My whole career in the national team, they pitted me against him. You had the pro-Benzema and the pro-Giroud. I always said I had no problem with him and loved playing with him, but it was a media thing to make it look like we were fighting. It was never true », He confides to Guardian.

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