Börse Express – Further debate on the utilization of the VW main plant

Börse Express – Further debate on the utilization of the VW main plant
Börse Express – Further debate on the utilization of the VW main plant

WOLFSBURG (dpa-AFX) – A few weeks before the new decisions on investments in the coming years at Volkswagen
the debate about the future capacity utilization of the main plant in Wolfsburg is gaining heat. Group boss Herbert Diess had aggressively addressed the issue in the September meeting of the supervisory board to the surprise of several inspectors, it was said on Wednesday from company circles. He is also said to have presented a scenario of what could happen if, for example, the supply crisis for electronic chips should persist or the scheduling of important future projects from VW need to rethink. The “Handelsblatt” had previously reported on it.

Europe’s largest automaker is currently running a significant idle at its headquarters. Short-time work had to be extended several times for tens of thousands of employees because here – as with other providers

– Semiconductors are missing. There are also regardless of the acute bottlenecks

parts of the workforce are worried about sufficient plant occupancy in the coming years. Among other things, the works council has already called for at least one further electric model to be installed in the corporate headquarters in addition to the “Trinity” project planned for 2025/2026.

“The difficult situation at the Wolfsburg plant is a clear focus of the ongoing discussions for this year’s planning round,” said works council chief Daniela Cavallo recently. Concrete decisions on models and locations in the global VW production network should be made by mid-November. According to the report, at the latest meeting of the supervisors, there should have been again irritation between Diess and members of the committee.

In principle, workforce representatives and company management have the same goal in this regard: further e-models are to follow as soon as possible, also in view of the increasing competition from US rival Tesla
with its new plant in Grünheide near Berlin. An open conflict like the one in mid-2020, when Diess had a violent clash with the then works council boss Bernd Osterloh, had not recently occurred, it was said from the environment of several participants./jap/DP/men

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